stylist reel: commercials


iPhone ‘loved’  dir: gerald ding

gamestop ‘assassin’s creed unity trailer’ dir: richard farmer

trident ‘karaoke’ dir: richard farmer

clorox  ‘stains’  dir: rafael fernandez

nationwide/nickelodeon ‘collision’  dir: rafael fernandez

mc donald’s ‘real’  dir: claire thomas

dc shoes ‘ken block’s gymkhana 4’   dir: ben conrad

vitaminwater ‘strong man’   dir: psyop

vitaminwater ‘amusement’   dir: psyop

buick lacrosse   dir: alexander paul

heineken   dir: paul gay

world of warcraft   dir: brent thomas

star wars ‘battle front’   dir: david horowitz

orbitz   dir: david horowitz

espn ‘gameday’   dir: larry frey


About Cathy Cooper

artist, costume designer, musician, maker of stuff.
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